Sustainable manufacturing initiative launched to support growth

Havelock International, the leading design and fit-out specialist, has launched a new ‘Sustainable Manufacturing’ initiative to support its growth plans. The firm, which is based in Kirkcaldy, Fife, and employs 295 staff, has developed the programme which comprises three key areas – flexible working, training and the introduction of skills ‘passports’ - to ensure it continues to deliver the highest quality products and services to customers, maximise the skills of employees and effectively manage seasonal peaks in demand.

Havelock works across both the private and public sectors, in the UK and internationally, and boasts leading brands including M&S, Lloyds Banking Group, Boots, Primark, Premier Inn and the Post Office amongst its customer base. It offers a complete end-to-end service, including concept and technical design, manufacture and logistics, through to installation and complete project management and oversight. Sustainable Manufacturing supports every element of this service, making it more efficient whilst maintaining the highest quality standards.

George McAdam, Chief Executive of Havelock International, said:

Like any growing business, we are constantly looking at ways of using our valuable resources as effectively as possible to the benefit of both employees and customers. Our Sustainable Manufacturing initiative is designed to ensure that the business is operating as efficiently as possible through commitments such as training and development, and that we continue to provide customers with truly innovative designs, high quality manufacturing and service excellence.” 

There are three key initiatives which underpin the programme. The first is the introduction of flexible working which reflects the seasonality of the business. During quieter periods, Havelock’s employees work shorter hours and four days a week and revert to five days a week through peak periods such as the summer months. This approach, which is supported by the GMB Union, ensures that customer projects can be fully resourced and provides the workforce with greater stability.

The second is the commitment to employee training and broadening of skill sets. Havelock has partnered with Scottish Enterprise and Fife Council who have provided grant funding to deliver a training programme which ensures its employees are multi-skilled and can be deployed across the business more effectively, delivering the highest quality products and services for clients.

The third element is the introduction of Construction Skills Certification Scheme cards. Thanks to the enhanced training, Havelock’s employees now qualify for the card which effectively provides them with a passport to customer premises and construction sites where they can work directly on projects, bringing their skills and expertise to deliver an even better product. 

This move has been welcomed by customers such as Dickie and Moore who are the contractors for Premier Inn Inverness. Colin McKinley, Construction Manager at Dickie and Moore, stated:

“The ability of Havelock’s team to come on site and complete the fitout project efficiently and to a very high standard was crucial in what has been a complex project.”